During the COVID-19 Pandemic, the grocery store quickly became one of the most dangerous places to visit. Caper allows for a safer shopping experience by enabling the user to scan and pay for products on their phone, limiting face-to-face interaction. The app's goal is to fundamentally transform the way users navigate the grocery store environment.

↳ View the Prototype
↳ App Design
↳ Branding

Created in collaboration
with Marc Casupanan
during Spring 2020

↳ Branding
Vintage grocery store signage of the 1950s and 60s served as influence for Caper's typographic identity to provide the user nostalgic comfort with a modern twist.
↳ User Research
Comprehensive user interviews were conducted to gain a better understanding of Caper's audience and what functions the app should include.
↳ App Experience
The images above document Caper's main user experience where shoppers can create custom shopping lists and scan items using image recognition software.