New Manhattan
Climate change is one of the most important issues our society faces today. Without drastic change, Earth has a bleak future. The following project approaches climate change in a unique way, utilizing satire and humor to contrast our "idealized future" with the current effects we have on the planet. New Manhattan is a future society blinded to the negative impacts they have on the planet. A future we hope to never see.

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↳ Web Design
↳ Illustration
↳ Branding

BFA Thesis Project
↳ Research
The research stage for the project involved in-depth analysis and organization of the many negative effects associated with climate change. These topics would go on to form the foundation of the website.
↳ City Design
The science fiction styles of the 1950s and 60s serves as the main inspiration source for the design of New Manhattan. Combining the idyllic optimism of that era with the real-world effects of climate change creates a unique contrast.
↳ City Design
The city of New Manhattan being encased in a giant bubble represents both literal and physical barriers. The bubble acts as a literal barrier between the city's residents and their negative effects on the outside world. The city bubble also represents the figurative "bubble" that many people today create around them, filtering news and information.
↳ Website Design
The website enables users to explore different locations within the city of New Manhattan and learn about the real-world sources of the satirical humor.
↳ Website Features
The site features resources on how to stop and combat climate change. The twist, however, is that these resources are located in the Restricted Section of the New Manhattan Public Library.
↳ Citizenship Certificate
Users can obtain a digital souvenir in the form a of a New Manhattan Citizenship Certificate. However, in order to become a citizen of New Manhattan, you must live a very un-sustainable lifestyle.